A Professional Virtual Assistant (VA) has become essential for the busy entrepreneur,
small business owner, and person on the run. 
​With technology at our disposal, a VA can help optimize your success.  ​

Focus on the business of making money.
Working with a VA allows you the freedom to create more profitability for your business, giving you the space to more fully concentrate on your business; rather than spending time on administrative tasks.

Saves you money.
Working with a VA means you don't need a payroll service, you don't pay employee benefits or insurance, as you would with a full time employee.  With those savings you're able to delegate that money to building your business.  

Freedom to pursue those things you want to do and do best.
Working with a VA allows you the freedom to pursue the activities that help keep your creative juices flowing.  When you're bogged down worrying about administrative tasks, you're not thinking about new and exciting ways in which your business could be growing.

One-stop support both professionally and personally.
For the entrepreneur, freelancer, or small business, it's important that your particular needs are seen as unique.  A VA is the person who will oversee your business and/or personal life.  VAs can maintain a multitude of things: website updates, correspondence, mailing lists, social media, tracking of memberships, reminders of important dates, travel arrangement, database management (to name some).  A VA can act as your partner in caring for those tasks personally.  To see a list of some of the things I do for my clients, click here.

Tailored to fit your needs.
Whether you need monthly billing to clients or need to find a new child care provider for your child/children, a VA can perform these duties creating an individualized working partnership.

Delegate time-consuming responsibilities.
A VA can handle the responsibilities that perhaps you don't really enjoy; those MUST DO administrative tasks that you know would be better handled by someone else.

Highly trained.
VAs are professionals that have training in the corporate, small business and professional arena.  A VAs skill set meet the needs of the modern day business professional, small business & entrepreneur.  

Let a VAs strength be your strength.
Why waste time on tasks that are not your primary objective, passion or expertise?  Being a successful business owner entails hiring the right people for the right job.  By choosing to work with a VA you're partnering with a professional who has the ultimate inner understanding of the administrative discipline.