"​Working with Sunny is a joy. She’s been my virtual assistant since I set up my coaching practice and I’ve benefited immeasurably from her expertise in expanding my business with website and newsletter design, research, billing, and strategic problem solving. I value her many strengths—her upbeat attitude, resourcefulness, dependability, integrity, personal warmth, initiative, and creativity. We may be miles apart geographically, but are connected personally and professionally in a wonderful working partnership."

                                                                        Diane Dreher, Ph.D., CMC, ACC

Author of The Tao of Inner Peace

North Star Personal Coaching


"I can't say enough good things about Sunny.  She has made it possible for me to expand my business and increase its profitability.  Her expertise and creativity are invaluable.  I can't imagine how I got along without her before.  Although she is my "virtual" assistant (I'm in DC and she's in CA) I feel like she's right beside me looking for ways to help and support me in my business.

Sunny's combination of competence and warmth is rare - you would have difficulty finding more valuable or more caring assistance.  In fact, Sunny has essentially become my business partner - I feel like she's as invested in my success as I am."

Ellen Ostrow, Ph.D., CMC, PCC

Lawyers Life Coach LLC


"Since October of 2000, Sunny has been an essential part of the MentorCoach virtual team.  She has been a joy to work with.  She works as our continuing education coordinator, applying for continuing education with the International Coach Federation, the American Psychological Association, the National Association of Social Workers and the National Board of Certified Counselors, and the CA Board of Behavioral Sciences.  These five forms of certification were critical for us and Sunny got them done.  Sunny keeps us current with ongoing re-certifications for the ICF, NASW, NBCC, APA, and the CA BBS as well.  She handles all aspects of our CEU awards for hundreds of students/graduates of all MentorCoach courses.  She handles most of our certification process as well as creates and issues the Certification graduation certificates.  She also handles all of our email address subscriptions for our various eNewsletters, maintains our course Basecamp projects that includes more than 100 projects.

Integrity is a strong point for her.  I have great trust in Sunny's honesty and integrity and have seen evidence of it time and again.  I have great confidence in her ability to guard MentorCoach confidentiality, something that is important to me.  She is also able to tolerate and work with my own peculiar seat-of-the-pants style of operating in the world, which I again appreciate.

She says she likes long term relationships with her clients and I'm living proof.  As I write this we're into our second decade and counting!

And finally, how can you mention Sunny without saying she is a master with software of any kind, and a genius with PowerPoint.  In short, she is a brilliant part of MentorCoach and we feel lucky to have her."

Ben Dean, Ph.D., MCC

MentorCoach LLC


"I worked with Sunny for over 5 years until I sold my business.  From the very start Sunny became an integral part of my day as she was able to take many small administrative tasks off my to-do list.  She came up to speed on my business very quickly and with that knowledge she was able to handle the screening of my emails and messages so that I could focus on the most important.  In those instances when she had to contact a client on my behalf she was unfailingly professional and I received numerous pieces of positive feedback acknowledging her positive work style.  She demonstrated unfailing attention to detail in completing my complex expense reports and I could always trust her to investigate discrepancies on travel expenses.

Finally, while she is based in the western US and I in the east, this time difference worked to my advantage as my day rarely ended before 6 pm and I could still count on Sunny to help me wrap things up at the end of my day and prepare for the next.

I strongly endorse Sunny Bain as a virtual assistant and would welcome any inquiries if I can expand on the statements laid out here."
Hank Cauley
Senior Vice President 

Conservation International
 Harvard Business School

Former Managing Partner, Ecos Inc.