I was born and raised in California -- yes, I'm a "Sunny" California girl!  I live in the beautiful city of Santa Clarita in southern California.  

Growing up in California was wonderful.  My father, Bob Bain, a studio musician who played in the Doc Severinsen band on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson for more than 28 years was and continues to be my hero.  I can remember as a little girl standing behind the cameraman as Johnny did his opening monologues.  While this page isn't about my father, I'm so incredibly proud of him and his accomplishments, the person who he is now and was as a dad, that it's difficult not to mention some of the amazing things he's accomplished.  For example, he was the opening guitarist in the theme songs for BonanzaThe Pink Panther, and the hit TV show, M.A.S.H.  His credits go on and on.  My only claim to fame was singing as a young girl, with my sister, the radio jingle for Foster's Freeze, that was actually used for their national ad campaign!

I decided to become a virtual assistant after my twin boys were born.  It was becoming increasingly difficult to leave them every day and drive 35 miles to work.  I was successful professionally in the corporate environment and had always received rave reviews for my work.  I had gained an immense amount of technical experience, skill, and knowledge in how businesses run.  But it gradually became clear that (a) working for someone else wasn't really for me and (b) that I wanted to be home with my children to raise them and watch them grow up.  Being able to be present for them was vitally important to me.

So, while looking for another job online many years ago, I found AssistU, the worlds' premier virtual university for training professional assistants to become virtual assistants, working for themselves from home.  I enrolled and found, unsurprisingly, that everything I'd learned and every skill I'd developed translated immediately.  It was a perfect fit.  I graduated and began working with my very first client in October of 2000.  I've never looked back!

My clients have been so amazing--invariably they are good people doing important, often life-changing work.

I love and enjoy what I do: bringing my clients and their businesses exactly what they need and deserve: a support person who's honest, loyal, trustworthy, and who lives with integrity.  I apply these qualities to help them in their business and personal needs, virtually.